Thursday, September 2, 2010


I've heard that polarizing contests judges can be a good thing. I needed to remind myself when I received (out of 195) both 195 and 119 on my young adult story. What was most odd was that the 119 didn't really have much to say except she thought my sentences were a bit short in my heroine's POV. I'll look at the flow for sure but my heroine is a bit wary and abrupt anyway...

In better news I managed to final in the San Francisco Heart to Heart with the same story. I am beyond excited with great final round judges who will read my work. Ok, maybe now i'm a tad terrified too... Shows that a dash of luck is certainly required!

Do you/did you enter contests?

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  1. Welcome to bloggy-land and congrats on your contest final!

    Don't stress too much about the difference in scores in the previous contest. That's the bad side of contests, it's SO subjective. With a previous manuscript, I entered three contests. One I had pretty mediocre scores and landed like 11th. The next two I placed first. So, you just never know.

    Thanks for the follow, btw. :)


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