Sunday, October 24, 2010


So, i'm getting there. not as fast as I'd like but nearly.

I'm wondering what makes a good ending. I think there needs to be some kind of symmetry with the beginning. i'm not sure if that's by setting or characters present or mood.

All, or maybe most, of the questions raised need to be tied up satisfactorily. this is the tricky bit. i've known some parts of the ending since I first had the idea. Does that mean it will be WAY too obvious for the reader? Or maybe I won't foreshadow enough and it will come out of the blue.

I hate decisions (It's the Libran in me).

How do you decide how to end a story?



  1. I've just listened to Michael Hauge and he suggests you start with your ending, if you know where you're going you can ratchet up the tension/conflict to get there. A trying this.

  2. No idea how I decide an ending but I DO love the symmetry thing. Can't wait to see how you end AP!


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