Monday, May 16, 2011

Letting go

I have been revising my story after leaving it sit for over a month. I'd done edits as I went and had some feedback from my CPs, but something about it was bothering me and I knew I needed space to see what it was.

Space included a trip to the magnificent Flinders Ranges
and an amazing hot air balloon ride over the mountains at sunrise.

The space worked... kind of. I wasn't fulfilling the promise of the start because I'd rushed my ending. I managed to tweak a few things, completely change something else and now I think it's the better.

But I want to *know*...

How do you know when the story is done and it's time to let it go into the world (more CPs, beta readers, agent etc)?


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  1. My tongue in cheek answer is when you're so sick of it, you can't bare to read it another time. It worked for me!!! But that could have just been a fluke :)


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