Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In the name of...

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

This Week's Topic:

What is the strangest/weirdest thing you've ever researched?

I've looked up a range of stuff... hmmm... the strangest...

So far the one that got me the strangest look when someone walked in was my research into home made tattoos. Combine it with the fact i've been wanting a tattoo myself and hubby thought i'd taken cheap to a new level. I hurried to reassure him.

Other interesting and hopefully useful stuff includes antique shops in San Fransisco, number of people on a spaceship, how to engage students and psychology of slavery. It does kind of fit together.

Kind of.

What's the strangest thing you've researched for a WIP?


  1. The thought of homemade tattoos is making my skin crawl!
    How many people can fit on a spaceship?

  2. Rebecca, I did that exact search on google and there was a simple answer. 100. no explanation, reasoning, size of craft... just... 100.

  3. I love seeing all these lists of topics and trying to figure out how they fit together. So... your 100 people on the spaceship are giving each other tattoos to stave off boredom, yes?

  4. You never told me you wanted a tattoo?! What of?
    Well... my research PALES in comparison to yours. I think the last major research I did was into ectopic pregnancy and the chances of conceiving again after having one.


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