Monday, March 18, 2013


We're at the very beginning of our renovating journey. We have more kids than bedrooms and would like to be able to separate them as they get older. It's a dream.

Some days the ability to send everyone to their rooms (including me) seems like a fantasy.

But we have the architect coming tomorrow to measure up for a rough plan. It meant we needed to make some decisions about our style and needs, not my best thing. And it reminded me of the preliminaries to writing a story. He needed to know what we want, which is I guess like knowing the story I want to tell. Then there were the pics - a lot like I rarely start writing without some visual reminders of my heroine/hero and their setting.

One of the kitchens we liked.

But the craziest part is letting someone else take over. I know we get the final say in everything but to let it out of my control is kinda scary. But exciting too.

Have you renovated a story? Or a house?


  1. Looking forward to coming to THAT kitchen for Mexican!!

    1. Might not be like, exact... But there's always Mexican.


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