Sunday, January 5, 2014

Being brave

Like any wimpy, neurotic, human, writer I have nerves sending my work out. To CPs, betas, agents, editors and one day the big bad world. Nerves that sometimes make me stop and delay and overthink and all that good stuff. Like anyone putting themselves out there I guess.

Even more is the nerves and fear in putting words down. None of these characters ARE me but I have to bleed to make them real.

But this morning I had a lesson in being brave. From my Rockstar. All of 8 years old, with 2 hearing aids (1st in May, 2nd in Nov so she's still getting used to having a hearing loss) walked into a Musical theatre camp where she was among the youngest and knew no one else. Three hundred kids. She kissed me, smiled and didn't look back.

See, she loves music and despite not having a voice that means a solo or anything she thinks it's worth putting herself out there.

So today I'm going to be brave.
Like her.
(And maybe worry about her a little).

And my characters will be brave, or scared or whatever but they will BE IT COMPLETELY.

Are you brave? Do you think you need to be to write or whatever it is you like to do?

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