Monday, November 29, 2010

Waiting... chew fingernails or start something new?

Okay, so the first thing is that when I chew nails they bleed. My mother despaired of me as a child, from the yucky polish to taking toys away she tried everything to get me to stop biting my nails. They would bleed at the edges and it would drive her insane. Then one day, I was about 13, for no reason at all... i stopped cold. And all that nail biting gave me nice strong nails.

But this subbing, querying thing has put all that in danger.

I know i need to write something else. I KNOW. But isn't wallowing so much easier?


  1. Writing a new novel while querying is a great idea. I get so absorbed in the new book, I forget to send out the query for my other book. No query means no rejections. A definite win-win situation. :D

  2. Ah... queries. As you know, we're both in the same boat. So I say, yes, write, write away!!!! It will take the edge off the waiting -- especially if you come up with something completely different from what you're querying! That's exactly what I'm doing too... when I'm not trying to find other things to do. (Procrastination is my middle name.)

    I did the same thing with biting my nails, though I think I was around twelve when I stopped cold turkey. (Get it? I just tied that into my blog post from today. Ah ha ha.) And you definitely don't want to start that up again, so make those fingers busy typity-typing on a keyboard, instead. =)



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