Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Road trip Wednesday - 6 words

Each week, YA Highway hosts Road Trip Wednesday, a blog carnival in which contributors discuss a topic on their blogs and invite readers to do the same. This week's RTW topic is:

Six-word memoirs

This is.... hard. Much harder than I would have thought. Um, i found myself wondering what matters most about my life and what i most want to say. And as I've probably mentioned before, I'm rubbish at decisions (among other things).

What's most important to me? My family. Unquestioned. Then my writing probably, I have all kinds of science degrees but them... not so much.

So it's this, for now:

Loving my family. Making a difference.

Lame? i don't know...

What's yours?


  1. Not lame. Those are two very important things. :)

  2. Not lame at all. Sounds like a good life lived. :)

  3. I don't think it's lame at all. I went with a family-related one, too.

  4. Oh wow, that is hard. You did way better than me. :D

  5. Thanks everyone! It's a great exercise in thiniking... only made my head hurt a bit too...

  6. I agree with the others - not lame in the least. Poignant would be more like it. :)

  7. Agreed that this was a hard topic! Trying to boil down the most important things in six words??? Tough. But you did a great job. I especially love "Making a Difference."

  8. Coming in LATE as usual but I don't think that's lame! I think it's PERFECT!


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