Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some magic required

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This Week's Topic:
What was the best book you read in September?

I read a few books this month, as usual, and they were all pretty good. But the things that sticks in my mind most wasn't something i read but was read to me.

Last Tuesday i had one of those sweat-inducing days where my computer decided to


I didn't breathe all day. What had I backed up? What had I missed? Stories? Pics? Important emails? yeah, so I wasn't a pleasant person to be around while I waited for hubby aka Computer Nerd to get home.

All this while entertaining my mil who was staying and prepping for my 7yo's 4th ear operation Wednesday. it wasn't something easily fixed and we had to leave it while we went with princess to the hospital.

I couldn't read. I couldn't focus for worrying. But then while we waited - for hours - Princess read to me. She's a really good reader and a really passionate one. I met the lovely Amanda Ashby at a RWAus conference and she signed the first 2 books in her Sophie's Mixed Up Magic series to my girl. And it made all the difference for Princess to persist with a book that she had to work hard to read.

So i sat in the hospital and listened to Princess read Wishful Thinking and was able to relax for a while. I really enjoyed the story. It was my definite fave book in September and I'd recommend it to any lovers of fun MG.

And for a happy ending, Princess can hear again and is reading Book 2 and Computer Nerd saved everything like a true hero.

What was your fave book in September?


  1. I'm trying to remember what I READ in September. Hmm... think my fave is Lighthouse Bay by Kimberley Freeman :)


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