Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brain sucking

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This Week's Topic:
Jinx! What story ideas have you trunked because they were too similar to published/well-known stories?
This is another interesting topic. once I had this idea for a boy wizard. he discovered his power and defeated a baddy and... Ok, that was Harry Potter and I just wish I had that idea. In fact I wish i had the idea for lots of great stories I read. Although i often am just as glad to sit back and be a reader taken on a wonderful journey.

i haven't had to shelve any ideas but i have had that panic moment where i catch a hint of someone's story and i am deathly afraid it is the same as mine. Usually the more i read, the less that is the case4. it's pretty hard to be exactly the same.

What about you? Anyone steal your idea from your brain?


  1. That is one freaky monster. I try not to think that we're all being attacked by brainsuckers when we share ideas. More that the muse has a really warped sense of humor and says "let's dump out the same idea on all these people and see who does something with it first!"

    As for me, that happened in high school. The story was heavily based on Labyrinth (and I am not ashamed!) but the character concept was incredibly similar to Neil Gaiman's Sandman character Morpheus. I still haven't read Sandman, and didn't know about it in high school, but the two still looked almost the same.

    1. The pic freaks me out too... it's what happens when you search for brain sucker.

      Similar to Neil Gaiman is a good place to be i think. You obviously have some great ideas!

  2. Actually, the more I read, the more I see similar ideas and plots, but the unique details are what keep me reading.

    1. That comes back to the old 'there's nothing new' and i think it's true in a way. But there's fresh and, like you, that will keep me reading!

  3. I like your description of the panic moment - and it does kind of feel like that creepycrawlyslimy monster up there! I'm glad these situations usually turn out to be less of a problem than they initially seem.


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