Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Valentines...

It's the day after Valentine's Day here in Aussie but i'm still kinda feeling the love. i was thinking about what to write about love and books. There are lots of books i love, and lots of authors I love but one book actually affected my lovelife!

A (not very good) Poem on Love and Books

Not only have I always,
Loved reading books so dear.
They’ve also played their wicked part
In my love life down the years

 A lifetime ago around this time
I met a handsome boy
I figured he was beyond my reach
And so I planned to just enjoy
We talked and talked until the dawn
(my reading time did wither)
I shared a secret in my state
Of glowing love and dither

 A book I thought he’d never read
By an author he didn’t know
I tried to explain why I loved it so much
And the ending stole the show

 In that rush of love I gave away
The book’s entire twist!
He complains about it to this day…
(Still in our end we kissed)

 I guessed we’d hang out for a while
And be nothing more than fun.
In my defence, I didn’t know
He would be the one

Any books mess with your love life?


  1. What a great poem! Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

  2. Excellent! Nice poem and a great story! Thanks, Beck. :)

  3. That is BEAUTIFUL Bec!!!! That kisser is a VERY lucky guy :)


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