Monday, February 27, 2012

Road trip week

So the family went on a road trip. We covered over 3500km from Sth Aussie up the east coast and then back through the center... it was exhausting. I had no time to write or read but i did have some thinking time (in between the beaches and the waterfalls and the whining kids and the wine...).

I took a bajillion pics (in the hope of a few being decent). There were many things on the side of the road including machinery of all types and foxes and kangaroos and even emus. The odd shoe and burnt tyre too.

And an idea.

It's unlike anything I've tried before but i love it. my heroine is so great and angry and frustrated and angry and pissed at the world.

I love her.

But can i write her well enough?

What about you? Found any ideas at the side of the road (i found my other half that way coincidentally)? Been on any road trips? Doubt yourself?


  1. I think a lot of my ideas have come from the side of the road actually. Good luck with your new one and it sounds like a great trip!

  2. Thanks Rach. Happy to be home though!


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