Thursday, August 2, 2012

Me first... Sigh...

Friday is the end of the week and we all breathe a big sigh of relief. Yay for the weekend! I want to start it full of awesome. Here at the blog, I'm dedicating Fridays to those sigh moments. I'm planning to collect from friends and other writers and anyone else who will answer my annoying questions.

*looks around for the dog*

What was the most sigh-worthy gesture someone did for you when you were in school/college?

Today's guest is ME!!

When: I was at University

Who: New-ish boyfriend

What: I studied at a campus out of town a little and he was in the city. I had a long afternoon stretching in front of me in an Earth Science lab (i know, rocks never really were my friends. i think they would have served me better as pets) and I hadn't seen my new boyfriend forever (a couple of days).

The murmuring of students actually quietened. I glanced up.

My stomach flipped. There stood dear BF in the front of the lab filled with maybe 50 first year students. But it couldn't be. He'd emailed me from the city earlier and to get to my uni he would have had to walk.

But it was him. So, cute. So sweet. So awkward-looking.
Everyone looked as he walked up to me (near the back) and stopped in front of my work bench.

He grinned. "I just wanted to say hi."

I think i fell in love with him there and then. Sigh...

Have you had a surprise visit to melt your heart?


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