Thursday, May 2, 2013

a picture tells

For ages I've seen the Photo-a-Day challenge on Fatmumslim's blog and thought about participating. And that's about where I stopped.

But it's a new(ish) month and I want to try.
So below is the first three. The pictures are anti-clockwise.

1. I bought this
2. Morning ritual
3. This is really good

1. Hubby actually bought this toaster. I would never have spent so much on something that only cooks bread. And it pretty much needs us to get to the extension just to fit it in the kitchen. Awesome though!

2. Each morning i try to sneak in 10 mins of writing before the school drop. it's a challenge.

3. This is just a box, but inside... inside is a doll for princess 7. She's getting a hearing aid in a week and is terrified. The doll looks just like her including hearing aid. I'm hoping it helps. I opened it and was a little teary. This is really good.

i love taking pics. Do you?

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