Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This left me bruised

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This Week's Topic:
What was the best book you read in April??

So, I was so busy this month AND school holidays were two excruciating wonderful weeks of children bonding but I also managed to read a few books.

The best was a hard decision (it always is - I'm a Libran and I tend to look for the positives in things) but I'm going to have to go with Bruiser by Neal Shusterman.

I'm on a bit of a magical realism hunt and this came up on a search. I loved it all. The writing felt spare but emotional at the same time. Every character had a flaw (or several) but I was still entranced. It left me thinking. it was 'different' whatever that is.

What was your best for April? Any magical realism?


  1. No magical realism unless you count reality television. Neal Shusterman is a prolific writer, so I can't imagine this book not being any good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I haven't heard of this one before, so I immediately looked it up. It sounds interesting, and has high ratings from all of my friends, so I guess I'll just have to trust everyone's judgement!

  3. I read this one a couple years ago. Shusterman's books are always great (if not a little disturbing). Some of my favorites of his are Dread Locks and Full Tilt. Both awesome, of course :)


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